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¿Y MIS COLORES? para actores y títeres. Estreno mundial, domingo 2 de junio.

Estreno mundial de ¿Y MIS COLORES?, obra para actores y títeres, parte de un proyecto del director de teatro Emmanuel Márquez, quien me pidió la escribiera eligiendo un tema tabú para niños.

World premiere of AND MY COLORS?, play for actors and puppets, part of a project by Emmanuel Márquez, theater director who comissioned this play, asking me to write it choosing a taboo topic for children.

La obra cuenta la historia de una familia con un enfermo mental en casa.

The play tells the story of a family with a son with a mental illness.

Está dirigida a niños de 7 en adelante y adultos que necesiten herramientas para romper el silencio y pedir ayuda.

It is addressed to children from 7 years old on and adults who need tools to break silences and ask for help.

Domingo 2 de junio a la 1pm en el Teatro Isabela Corona, Eje Central y Tlatelolco.



VANIA AND THE OPEN WINDOWS 5 (Comments from participants in Caracas, Venezuela)

Last May 15 Marisela González, harp professor at the Mozarteum Conservatory in Caracas, Venezuela, presented VANIA AND THE OPEN WINDOWS, the play I wrote for harp students and which was premiered by the Mexican harp students at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música de México last April.

I was very lucky to be there with the Caracas students in the workshop where we prepared the play together. I was particularly surprised by how much the students picked up at the workshop, their first experience of interdisciplinary team work. It was the best gift a teacher can receive!

The participants students were Anna de Rogatis (Allemande-Suite 1 BWV 996-J.S.Bach), Diana Samantha Rada (Nocturne-B.Britten), Sofía Pascuzzo (Bosque Misterioso-D.Bouchaud), Franco Pascuzzo (Pasacaille), Alfred González (Tanto Zentil), David Rodríguez (Variations- J.M. Damase), Eth Gil (Petite Berceuse-A. Hasselmans), Dasha Gil (La Danza del Gato Garabato-Isabelle Frouvelle). Also Alfred González, Yhonfer Almeida and David Rodríguez played Bochsa Étude 2 and Marcel Grandjany´s piece Eleonor and Marcia.

Here are some comments by Marisela and a few of the students after the three-day workshop and the final presentation with their pieces and the puppets that each of them had made from recycled material. It was rewarding to also meet and work with students from other teachers: Annette León and Isabel Santos.

MARISELA GONZÁLEZ. Besides the enriching experience that team work provides, the students faced a new discipline: voice projection and articulation, body language, movements with the puppet, etc, experiencing altogether the harp piece interpretations, the strong role of what they already learnt, letting the music flow in a natural way, changing the stage fear in this new role. I consider this all  a very powerful pedagogical tool.

Diana Redes: (student of Isabel Santos): I liked the workshop since I am very interested on interdisciplinary arts. I like theater, ballet and painting and it seems very attractive to me being able to combine this all with harp playing. I would love to work this play in the future once I start teaching, since I find it is a great opportunity to involve students of all levels. I learned how to interact with younger students and had a lot of fun. I enjoyed the plot, I did not know anything about Evelyn Glennie and this was an inspiration for me. I would have liked much more workshop days and I hope Mercedes comes back soon to Venezuela!

Yhonfer Almeida: I learned to work in a team, in a different way with the other harp students. I learned to act. To act and play. I had never had this experience before. It´s the first time I do both things. I also noticed that all of us are important in a presentation like this one and that one can face obstacles to keep doing what is so important. I learned about theater and plays.

Alfred González: I learned the plot as I memorized the notes and understood what is necessary to learn something new. I enjoyed working with my friends in a team and playing and making music with them, I love music!

Dasha Gil: I learned a lot. You taught me this new play.

Franco Pascuzzo: I was able to listen to the other players. Vania is deaf and can listen feeling vibrations. I understood that you can have a new friend even if you already have friends. I also learned that each part is important, I learned to listen, to respect others, to act, to make a puppet and to be on stage as part of a team.

Eth Gil: These last days at the workshop I learned to work in a team. I loved it. We made music together and learned the play, how to listen to each other, had fun, respect and have understanding within each other. It was very interesting to combine music and drama, learn values, respect people who have different problems. I learnt to work in a team, to memorize a text, to make puppets to make an homage to a deaf person who can listen to music feeling it with her feet. We learnt how to make a theater project and come in when it was our turn. It was lot of fun, it was the best!

Sofía Pascuzzo: We all participated and were able to combine theater and harp music and not to feel any stage fright. We learned to concentrate, to move on stage and not to make movements that could distract others and to respect each other’s participation. I especially enjoyed to work in a team, to share, to enjoy so much. We are all important, the main character as well as someone who speaks three lines. I was Vania in the play.

Victoria Galindo: (student of Annette León): I love that puppets and harps are together.

David Rodríguez: The most important thing I learned in this workshop and presentation is to work as part of a team of students of all ages. It is possible to work in a team with respect. I learned to listen to my partners, in the talking parts and in the musical ones. I learned how to speak to the audience and perform in public and love the harp much more now.

VANIA AND THE OPEN WINDOWS (4) Pictures in Caracas, Venezuela

Vania 1vania 9

vania 3vania 4

vania 5vania 6

vania 7 - copiavania 8

Vania 2

VANIA AND THE OPEN WINDOWS in Caracas, Venezuela next May 15th (3)


VANIA AND THE OPEN WINDOWS 2 (Pictures at the Conservatorio Nacional de Música, Mexico)















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