Archivos del mes: 12 junio 2011



My trip to present the final exams at Kungliga Musikhögskolan i Stockholm is over.


The recitals were presented, surrounded by incredibly warm public.


The first one, on May 21, included Mexican music with pieces by M. M. Ponce, Juan Pablo Contreras, Eugenio Toussaint, Gerhart Muench, Javier Álvarez and traditional music by Ventura Madrigal, as well as sones from Oaxaca and Michoacán arranged for harp.


The second one, on May 23, at KTH, in the Reaktor Hall, included the world premiere of the 5 pieces written by the Swedish composers, students from KMH whom I presented in this blog.


The trip, the concerts, the master degree exams are done. My gratitude will not end.


So thanks, tack, gracias to everyone involved in this master degree which has concluded and enriched my musical and inner life in different aspects.


To the Royal Conservatory of Stockholm: for its open minded wonderful professors and respect for my ideas. Stora tackar: Karin Rehnqvist, Stefan Therstam, Sven-Erik Eriksson och Lisa Viguier.


To the talented young Swedish composers who wrote new music for me: Maria, Mira-Linda, Joel, Leo and Thommy.


Thanks also to Stina, Patrik, Thommy and Benjamin for the help with logistics for the final exam concert and its rehearsals.


To Bosse Bergkvist, my loving husband, for his endless support, ideas, and English suggestions to my texts.


To my four daughters: for their huge love.

To Nicolás my grandson: for playing and laughing when I need to relax my brain.


To Ricardo Miranda and Karl Bellinghausen: for their support at the Conservatory of Mexico.


To Maria Bergkvist och Martin, Johanna and Dea, Macke and Helena, Masse and Mariko, Rasmus and Mariel, Karin Rehnqvist and Hasse Persson for taking such good care of me in Sweden. Thanks to Lillian for teaching me new Swedish phrases and words.


To my composer friends Pablo Ortiz, Manuel Sosa, Juan Pablo Contreras, Alejandro Viñao, Jorge Torres Sáenz, Gabriela Ortiz, who shared their music making and thoughts.


To my Mexican students: for their fine drawings.


To Diego Treviño and Mónica Aburto: for their photographies.


To my harpist colleagues and friends Lisa Viguier, Janet Paulus, Marisela González, Cristina Braga, Dough Rioth, Alison Austin, Frédérique Camberling, Karen Gottlieb and Chaerin Kim for their suggestions for harpists and thoughts about work with composers and interviews.


To Armando Vega Gil: for his poem.


To all poets for teaching me how to breath and phrase.


To Michael and Kay Laskey: for coming from England to the final exam.


To my theater friends: for their lessons on stage.


To Pernilla: for sharing her creative experience.


To Veva: for cooking Yucatán pibil chicken in Stockholm for the final celebration after the concert at Reaktor Hall and to Carlos for his help carrying the food and serving tequila in the literal underground venue! 

Pictures: Reaktor Hallen-KTH, Stockholm, KMH-Stockholm (with jury- Lisa Viguier, Karin Rehnqvist, Sven-Erik Eriksson) and Nacka, Sweden.