Archivos del mes: 26 junio 2010


Here are some phrases gathered before, during and after the premiere or Armando Luna´s double concerto: (since this all will have to do with the seminar for composers I will share at Stockholm next fall).


       Players who can´t play become composers.

       This is a piece of shit.

       This guy is lucky to be programmed between famous composers like Bernstein and Ravel , that´s the only way the public could hear a piece of his.

       There is no development in his music, just ideas and noise around it.

       I can´t hear any harmony and don´t understand what the composer wants.

       Why did you choose such concerto? You don´t like Haendel?

       Those harpists were invited to perform as soloists because they like to play contemporary music, where one does whatever and it does not matter. They should be playing Gliere instead. Or something good.

       The music of this century is horrible. It should be forbidden.

       Why do composers don´t write idiomatic music any longer, something the audience likes, like Chopin?

       I haven´t heard any good new contemporary music since long time ago, something like Hindemith…

       Do composers understand the word aesthetics?

       You mean you really asked this composer to write this?

       The duo made a miracle.

       The conductor´s energy was contagious.

       I could see musicians in the orchestra were impressed by what the three of you were doing.

       The piece is full of energy and life.

       The harps were a carrousel of colors.

       It was a historical event.

       Strange but beautiful.

       You guys are so brave.

       The best piece of Armando so far.     




The task of today:

Guess who said what!